It is our belief that an individual is lead, influenced and sculptured through three major elements.  These elements have a direct effect on a person’s outlook, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment.
It is through these three elements that we begin to mold an individual’s character and promote the incentive to make a positive contribution to themselves, their family and their community.


These key elements:  INSPIRE – ENCOURAGE – ACHIEVE  have become our motto and shape they way we mentor our youth.
To INSPIRE someone requires effort within one’s self, the instructor, the teacher.  One must lead from the front as a role model for others to follow and must have the characteristics that others value and respect.
To ENCOURAGE requires the instructor or leader to take action on behalf of the student or pupil.  They must provide support, build confidence through positive reinforcement in order for the student to experience success.
To ACHIEVE, an individual or student attains fulfillment by completing objectives.  In order to succeed, the student must have the desire, the mindset and the means to reach and set personal goals.

Through  strong leadership and exciting activities, we INSPIRE our youth to become involved in our programs. We ENCOURAGE youth to assert themselves and challenge their abilities to develop their self- confidence.  By promoting their self-esteem in a positive, structured environment, and by providing merit-based programs, our youth are met with challenges and ACHIEVE objectives by setting and meeting personal goals.


Many may be unaware that the backwater ecosystems, locations where aquatic overflow and terrestrial landscapes converge, are quite often the most critical environments which support some of the most diverse plant and animal species to be found in the world.
These systems offer an abundance of nutrients for plants which in turn provide dense cover and food for the survival of many insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is this diverse habitat and rich environment which best represents the wealth of learning opportunities and personal growth our youth acquire while attending our events and training programs.
The three major elements are represented in the three tier depiction of our cattails logo.
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