There comes a time when we are faced with a pivotal moment. An instance where we are encountered with a decision that will forever impact our lives. A decision that will allow us to excel to greater heights and achieve higher rewards. It’s a time for self-reflection and evaluation, and a time for calculating and planning our next move.
As we enter the year 2020, Backwater Legacies Inc. is facing such a pivotal moment. An exciting time for growth and a great opportunity to serve the needs of others. The time has now come to establish a home base. A home that will serve as a training center for our youth in conservation, safety, and in the shooting sports. A home that will secure the future of our organization and the hundreds of children and families it continues to serve.
It’s also a time to broaden our vision and look to serve the needs of youth and families that could use our help the most. A time to make good use of our abilities and amenities to support the children that may never shoot a bow, build a shelter, or pursue the call for wild game. By building a facility with the means to attract and host a variety of training events, conferences and fund raisers, Backwater Legacies Inc. will be able to generate the necessary revenue to support its organization, its assets, and positively impact the lives of those less fortunate.


For over 10 years, Backwater Legacies Inc. has been committed to youth development and the preservation of our natural resources as it relates to outdoor recreation.  By using the hunting, fishing and shooting sports as a main attraction, Backwater Legacies has inspired children with a platform to set goals, increase safety awareness, encourage teamwork, achieve merits, and develop leadership skills amongst their peers.
In addition, scholastic scholarships nearing $25,000 have now been awarded to those with outstanding performance after graduating the Youth Hunter’s Academy.  The Academy is the only 4-year program dedicated to youth education in hunting, fishing, conservation, and shooting sports.  Combined with the  opportunity for children to lead small groups and mentor other youth, the Academy is one of a kind in outdoor sports and education.
Within the last two years, Legacies has expanded its scope to include adults and families.  This inclusive setting has allowed families to learn together and ensures that safety practices are coordinated in the home as well as on the street.  Safer homes make for safer communities.


Over the years, Legacies has leased the properties and facilities of others to host its events, classes and Youth Academy.  While we have been extremely grateful for all the supporters that have helped to pave the way for Legacies’ success, relying on available ground has become an even greater challenge for our business in recent times.  The need for a facility has never been stronger and the opportunity has never been greater.


In the fall of 2019, Pro Train Inc., a nationally recognized law enforcement training company, recently teamed with Backwater Legacies to assist them with property and to allow Legacies to lease the ranges from Pro Train Inc.  The allocation of property bordering the ranges gives Backwater Legacies the opportunity to expand its operations to run events, promote safety, and maintain valuable assets.  The Turning Point Campaign will raise funds to support and build the Legacies Training Center.  The center will include multi-use conference rooms, dining hall, commercial kitchen, overnight sleeping quarters, and ample storage.  The venue will cater to business staff, trainers, trainees and volunteers attending events or training courses held at the center.
Most importantly, the Legacies Training Center will ensure the sustainability of Backwater Legacies Inc. by operating as a revenue source for the organization and its mission.  The center will also provide surrounding communities and local businesses with an attractive event venue for meetings, conferences, and related social functions.


It’s no secret that it takes the support of individuals, local business, and surrounding communities to fund the mission and activities of not-for-profit organizations.  Financial support for the Legacies Training Center is no exception.

Through generous donations, the Legacies Training Center will soon become a reality to further the mission of Backwater Legacies Inc., to serve our children, our communities and conserve our natural resources.

For Corporate or Check Donations:
Mail To:  Backwater Legacies Inc., P.O. Box 152, Ellettsville, IN  47429
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