The Braydn Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund is dedicated to the memory of Braydn Fox, an 8 year old child that tragically lost his life to an ATV accident in the fall of 2011. Braydn loved being outdoors and spent many hours hunting, fishing, and target shooting. The sudden loss of Braydn reminds us all of the fragility of life and the importance of safety awareness. Backwater Legacies honors the life and memory of Braydn Fox. An ATV Safety course is now present in the curriculum of the Youth Hunter’s Academy. Though Braydn’s impact was brief, his message will forever be resounded and reflected with an academic scholarship to a qualifying cadet each year at the academy. The scholarship is awarded to a 4th year cadet that excels in his or her performance and leadership while attending the Youth Hunter’s Academy. The funds are to be used for post-high school academics in an effort to promote the future success of the children to whom we are committed.

In 2017, Backwater Legacies Inc. teamed up with College Planning Strategies Inc. to strengthen and increase the award of the Braydn Fox Memorial Scholarship.    With their generous support and commitment, Cadet scholarship recipients will now be awarded a minimum of $24,000 to be used toward post-high school academics, including tuition, books, etc.  This is a minimum value with opportunities to reach values that far exceed $50,000 for qualifying recipients.

We are deeply honored to have the dedication and backing from College Planning Strategies Inc.  Together, we brighten the future of our youth.

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