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  • Download the “Shoot-A-Thon” pledge sheet and acquire sponsors for your shoot.
  • Cadets will be shooting a total of 30 arrows (3 rounds of 10) at 15 yards using our Bows and targets.
  • A maximum of 300 points are possible ( average scores 120 – 175 pts.)
  • Sponsors may pledge an amount per score, an amount per Bullseye or both.
  • Sponsors may also donate a flat pledge.
  • A signed score sheet will be provided to certify points awarded for your sponsor.

Note – Accommodations will be made for the smaller shooters with closer targets. We will move the targets up to 10 yards for the little guys and gals. This discretion will be determined by the range officer.

Shoot-A-Thon Pledge Sheet


  • Cadets will need to bring their “Shoot-A-Thon” pledge sheet and turn in any “Flat Pledges” at the shoot.
  • Shooters will be given an official score sheet to certify their performance for their sponsors.
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions.


  • Once the shoot is complete, the cadets will collect the earned funds and any remaining flat pledges made by their sponsors.
  • All funds collected in excess of tuition will be applied to supplies used at the Youth Hunter’s Academy.


  • Food and Drinks will be during the shoot.


  • Please make all checks out to Backwater Legacies Inc.