Cadets continue to hone their shooting skills as they progress into high power rifle shooting. The third season also presents cadets with classes that focus on the technical side of hunting a shooting, such as ballistics, scope mounting, arrow fletching and making bow strings. Cadets continue their pursuit of MRT qualifications in all shooting and archery categories.

The Highlight of the third year is the “Ace of Aces” tournament. Throughout the entire week, third year and fourth year cadets compete in a 10 event shooting tournament using all the training they have received in archery, tomahawks, knives, and firearms. The events change from year to year and each event may include a variety of shooting and archery combinations and target scenarios. Cadets may medal in each individual event or take the overall championship and become the “Ace” of aces. Each year the “Ace of Aces” champion will have their name engraved upon a plaque and their action photo displayed at the Academy.


  • General Training & Skills
    • Fly Tying & Fly Fishing
    • Bow Fishing
    • Boating Safety
  • Shooting & Archery Classes
    • High Power Rifle
    • Rifle Scopes Mounting
    • Basic Ballistics
    • Basic Range Estimation Using Mil Dot Scopes
    • Crafting Bow Strings
    • Fletching & Wrapping Arrow Shafts
    • Traditional Archery – Recurve & Longbows
  • Traditional / Primitive Tools
    • Knife Throwing
  • Merit Range Test (MRT’s)
    • Instinctive Archery
    • Compound Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Handgun
    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
  • Ace of Aces Shooting Tournament
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