Cadets expand upon the skills and knowledge gained from the previous season. General Training and Skills classes begin to focus on the finer details in hunting. Cadets will learn and perform calling techniques and decoy strategies for a variety of game species.

Shooting classes are no longer taught from the bench, but on natural terrain. Simulated hunting situations are used to prepare the cadet for an actual hunt in the field. Cadets interact with metal reactive targets during rifle exercises in a variety of scenarios and shooting positions to enhance their skills. Hidden clay targets are launched in field exercises to simulate a real dove hunt and to teach the cadet to hunt with a partner. Cadets also step up to higher caliber rifles used for hunting larger game such as deer.

Cadets may attempt to qualify for all the Merit Range Tests (MRT’s).


  • General Training & Skills
    • Patterning Turkey Chokes & Tracking Birds
    • Decoying Turkeys & Calling Techniques
    • Decoying Predators & Calling Techniques
    • Decoying Waterfowl & Calling Techniques
  • Shooting & Archery Classes
    • Handgun II
    • Rifle II
    • Shotgun II
    • Modern Muzzleloader
    • Crossbow
  • Traditional / Primitive Tools
    • Tomahawk Throwing II
  • Merit Range Test (MRT’s)
    • Instinctive Archery
    • Compound Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Handgun
    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
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