Cadets are instructed and trained on the basic fundamentals of hunting, shooting and trapping. General training & skills classes provide cadets with detailed information on each subject including like game biology, game identification, tracking, decoying, calling, scent lures, camouflage, blind strategies and more. One highlight is the Coon Hunting class. Cadets go on an actual coon hunt with real hounds and tracking devices. Although no game is harvested during the hunt, the cadets get to experience an exciting evening with the dogs treeing raccoons.

Year 1 Shooting courses are presented at a basic level. However, these classes are not only designed to train the cadet on the important safety rules and procedures, but to form the foundation and mind-set of taking an accurate shot. Cadets will learn and demonstrate, proper sight alignment, breath control, trigger control and follow through. The same approach is taught in our archery class.

Cadets will also begin their journey through the Merit Range Tests (MRT’s). These are performance tests to grade their skills against a set of standards set within the Academy. During the first season, cadets will have the knowledge and the opportunity to qualify for their Instinctive Archery MRT. In following years, the cadet will have the knowledge and training to qualify for several more MRT standards.

In addition to the Academy curriculum, the Indiana Hunter Education course is offered to all cadets needing to complete their hunter education certification.

  • General Training & Skills
    • Trapping
    • Turkey
    • Deer
    • Falconry
    • Coon Hunting
  • Shooting & Archery Classes
    • Handgun I
    • Rifle I
    • Shotgun I
    • Instinctive Archery
  • Traditional / Primitive Tools
    • Tomahawk Throwing
    • Traditional Black Powder Firearm Seminar
  • Merit Range Test (MRT’s)
    • Instinctive Archery
    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
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