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Many may be unaware that the backwater ecosystems, locations where aquatic overflow and terrestrial landscapes converge, are often important major components to wetlands which support some of the most diverse plant and animal species to be found in the world. These systems offer an abundance of nutrients for plants which in turn provide dense cover and food for the survival of many insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is this diverse habitat and rich environment which best represents the wealth of learning opportunities and personal growth our youth acquire while attending our events and training programs.

By promoting leadership through exciting, merit-based programs, we Inspire our youth to make positive and influential decisions. We Encourage them to assert themselves and challenge their ability to develop their self confidence. By promoting self confidence, our youth Achieve the self esteem necessary to make a difference in their future relationships, jobs and communities. These three components are represented in the three tier depiction of the cattails in our logo. Just as the three cattails progressively trend upward, our youth advance to higher levels of confidence through positive inspiration, encouragement, and achievement.